Due diligence rules for companies: press conference on Thursday at 11.00 (TBC) | News

Priopćenja za tisak – Europski parlament

When: Thursday, 14 December 2023, 11.00 CEST (to be confirmed)

Where: European Parliament in Strasbourg, Daphne Caruana Galizia press conference room (WEISS N -1/201)

How: Accredited media representatives can attend the press conference in person. Journalists wishing to ask questions remotely need to connect via Interactio (https://ep.interactio.eu/66e2-hy1p-1w4u).

The press conference will also be web streamed live and recorded on the Parliament’s Multimedia Centre.


According to the new rules, companies will be required to act to eliminate their negative impact on human rights and the environment, such as on child labour, slavery, pollution or waste mismanagement. They will have to integrate due diligence into their policies and monitor how effective they are. The rules will be enforced by national authorities responsible for investigating and for imposing sanctions on non-compliant companies.

Information for the media – Use Interactio to ask questions
Interactio is only supported on iPad (with the Safari browser) and Mac/Windows (with the Google Chrome browser).
When connecting, enter your name and the media you are representing in the first name / last name fields.
For better sound quality, use headphones and a microphone. Interpretation is only possible for interventions with video.
Journalists who have never used Interactio before are asked to connect 30 minutes before the start of the press conference to perform a connection test. IT assistance can be provided if necessary.

When connected, open the chat window (upper right corner) to be able to see the service messages.

For more details, check the connection guidelines and recommendations for remote speakers.

Preuzeto od www.europarl.europa.eu: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/press-room/20231207IPR15737/

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